UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (ISAP) International Projects

UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (ISAP)

International Projects


The Canadian health system consists of socialized health insurance plans, which are publicly funded and administered, providing coverage to all Canadian citizens regardless of medical history, personal income, or standard of living.

Canada is a prominent manufacturing location for marijuana, ecstasy (MDMA), and methamphetamine, much of which is trafficked to the United States, Japan, and Australia. Furthermore, due to the prominence of some immigrant populations in Canada, there is an increasing demand for certain illicit drugs such as hash, hash oil, opium, and khat, which are often shipped into the country through various illegal means.

NIDA INVEST Fellowships at ISAP

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) INVEST Drug Abuse Research Fellowship aims to provide drug abuse scientists from across the globe with rigorous postdoctoral research training and professional development activities at a U.S. institution. The program is geared to allow fellows to establish personal relationships with NIDA grantees and NIDA officials who will continue their mentorship activities beyond the 12-month period. Fellows and mentors jointly seek funding and foster grant-writing abilities in order to enable collaborative research projects conducted in the fellow's home country. Previously, fellows have conducted research on drug abuse and addiction in a variety of areas, including epidemiology, prevention, treatment, and preclinical and clinical studies.

For more information on the NIDA INVEST Fellowship, including eligibility, the application process, and a list of past INVEST fellows/mentors, please visit: http://www.drugabuse.gov/international/invest-drug-abuse-research-fellowship

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