UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (ISAP) International Projects

UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (ISAP)

International Projects

Saudi Arabia

Jazan University SARC (Substance Abuse Research Center)

Since 2012, UCLA ISAP Associate Director, Dr. Richard Rawson, has provided consulting services for Jazan University’s Substance Abuse Research Center (SARC) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Dr. Rawson collaborates with SARC’s Director of Scientific Research, Dr. Rashad Alsanosy, to provide technical expertise and experience in addiction research, with the main objective of guiding SARC to become a leading research and research training institute in the field of substance use disorders. In addition to overseeing the activities of the Saudi staff at SARC and guiding their training activities, Dr. Rawson serves as co-principal investigator on many of the center’s research grants. When not on-site in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Rawson presents at the annual SARC-hosted web conferences covering addiction topics related to the research currently being done at the Center.

For more information, visit Jazan University’s SARC website.

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