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UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (ISAP)

International Projects


First Biennial Conference Series to Promote Global Health: Taipei, Taiwan - April 2013

The biennial Conference Series to Promote Global Health: Training and Education in the Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders and HIV in Asian/Pacific Island Populations is sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), in collaboration with organizations in Asia and around the world. The first meeting, which was held April 17–19, 2013, in Taipei, Taiwan, was organized by UCLA in partnership with the Taiwan National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) and the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration; 365 participants from 17 countries attended the meeting. The theme was prevention and treatment of substance abuse and HIV, focusing on Asia and the Pacific Islands (API). The conference sessions covered the current status of drug abuse and HIV in Asian countries as reported by their representatives, featured strategies for meeting challenges posed by these problems, and promoted international collaborations on the prevention and treatment of substance use and HIV.

The international Conference Series to Promote Global Health is designed to share research findings on substance abuse treatment and HIV prevention, stimulate international collaborations, particularly between the United States and API countries, and inform cultural aspects of treatment and prevention of substance abuse and HIV. These and upcoming activities are part of efforts to extend NIDA’s mission of promulgating research-based interventions to improve health services and promote health globally.

For more information, please visit: http://www.uclaisap.org/InternationalProjects/html/global-health.html

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