California Substance Use Disorder Policy Resources

About California's Forum on Integration

On December 8-9 2010, the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP), in conjunction with UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs, sponsored California’s Forum on Integration: Integrating Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Services and Primary Care. County SUD administrators currently engaged in SUD/primary care integration efforts along with provider group representatives convened with SUD integration experts from across the country to identify successful models and processes for SUD/primary care integration as well as common barriers and solutions.

The purpose of the Forum was to explore promising practices associated with the integration of SUD and care services in order to inform ADP’s strategy for moving forward with SUD/primary care integration and to identify technical assistance needs and further action needed to assist counties and providers with integration efforts. This Forum was intended as a starting point for more long-term and broadly disseminated statewide integration activities. Forum participants included county administrators who are currently engaged in integration initiatives, provider group representatives, ADP staff members, and representatives from the California Department of Health and the California Department of Mental Health.

On Day 1 of the Forum, individuals from across the country who have been involved with the implementation of sustainable SUD/primary care integration programs and with components of integration, such as financing and research, conducted presentations for participants. The expert presentations included individual presentations and three panel presentations: (1) Integrating SBIRT into primary care; (2) Health homes and fully integrated care; and (3) Integrated medication-assisted treatment.

On Day 2, administrators from six counties each conducted a presentation on planned or current integration initiatives. County presentations included integration models, barriers, solutions, and technical assistance needs. Following the presentations, ADP, UCLA, and all participants engaged in a strategic planning session to identify themes from the meeting and to plan next steps for ADP and for counties.