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Data Management Center

The ISAP Data Management Center (DMC) is a full-service data center that handles forms printing and collating, data acquisition, and the transfer, cleaning, reporting, and storage of data. The DMC currently supplies the data needs of more than 20 projects conducted in six local clinics and two multisite projects conducted in locations outside of Los Angeles.

The DMC uses the Verity Teleform data system for both Web entry and fax-based data capture. Web capture provides images of forms in a Web browser for data entry into a secure data server over the Internet. For projects that collect data on paper and want to skip the data-entry step, the faxed-based system allows images of forms to be translated directly into alphanumeric data. The DMC has created more than 1,000 measures for ISAP studies and receives an average of 30 fax transmissions a day. These transmissions result in the entry of more than 500 pages of data into the databases every business day.

The DMC recently expanded its PC- and Web-based data capture methods. Several ­projects have become completely paperless ­using this technology.

For more information, please visit  www.isapdmc.org. Inquiries from both UCLA and non-UCLA researchers are welcome. Please contact Jeffrey Annon, director of the DMC, at (310) 267-5333 or jannon@ucla.edu.

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