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Beginning ISAP's Second Decade

The UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (ISAP) was established in 1999 to consolidate drug abuse research efforts and to improve treatment services, both domestically and internationally.  After ISAP's first decade, the organization is in a good position to continue that process in what has become an increasingly unstable environment. The group continues to advance the knowledge base on drug problems and to improve the delivery of treatment services through diverse efforts. Examples of these efforts include:

We are confident that our future efforts will yield even more significant accomplishments than those of the first ten years as we become more adept at recognizing and addressing drug problems emerging in the nation and around the world.  The problem of methamphetamine abuse is particularly challenging, and we are at the forefront of research and treatment development in this area.  Dr. Ling's research on prescription opioid abuse and related practice improvement efforts are world renowned. ISAP will continue to advance the empirical understanding of substance abuse, develop and evaluate new approaches for the treatment of addiction, and support efforts to reduce substance use and related problems.

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