ISAP Training Program

How To Apply



Eligible candidates must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. 

Applications are reviewed by the Training Program Executive Committee and scored on the following criteria:
(1) match with ISAP research areas, training focus, and faculty mentors
(2) research/career goals
(3) academic background
(4) publications and writing samples
(5) letters of recommendation (minimum of 2). 

The committee also evaluates the availability of mentors and co-mentors who would be good matches for each candidate.  Applicants that are rated most highly are invited for a face-to-face interview if they are within Southern California, or for a phone interview if they are outside of travel range.


Trainees are typically appointed for a period of 2 years, contingent upon showing adequate progress in their training plan.  Stipend levels for both pre- and postdoctoral trainees are commensurate with National Institutes of Health Research Service Awards; stipends for postdoctoral trainees are based on years since completion of degree (NIH stipend levels). Postdoctoral fellows are represented at UCLA by UC - UAW and are eligible for health insurance benefits.  Predoctoral fellows receive health insurance through their status as UCLA graduate students and also receive partial costs of tuition.  All trainees receive an annual allowance for travel to professional conferences and for the cost of supplies related to research/training activities. 

To Apply

Please direct program information requests and letters of recommendation to:
Christine E. Grella, Ph.D.
c/o Ms. Kira Jeter, M.P.H.
(Not Accepting Applications)