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Fieldwork Manual of Tracking Procedures

The Tracking Database Application automates tracking and locating tasks and allows you to easily assess the follow-up status of a particular client.  Once you enter basic information into the database, you can flag cases approaching the eligibility date for the follow-up interview, generate personalized letters, print address labels, and print client profiles for locators/interviewers to use in the field.

We use information from the Tracking Database Application during our weekly project meetings.  It allows us to see how close we are to meeting our goals.

The Tracking Database Application is a runtime application. This means that you can download it for free and you don't need additional software on your computer to run it. You may choose to buy the full version of FileMakerPro, which will provide you with additional features.

To get started, we suggest that you download and read the first page of the Help Guide.

You must have administrator rights to your computer to install the application. If you have Internet Explorer and know how to change the security feautures in your browser you can install the application directly from this site. You must allow ActiveX controls and plug-ins to run in you browser. Click "Download Database" below to begin the installation process.

Download Database*

*See first page of the Help Guide for database password.

Please contact Betsy Hall if you have any questions concerning the Tracking Database. Thank you.
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