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The ISAP News is the free biannual newsletter highlighting the work of the UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs.

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2015 ISAP News Newsletters

  • April 2015
    • Conferences and Events (Page 1)
    • More than 900 Participants Attend 11th Annual Statewide Integrated Care Conference (Page 2)
    • Abu Dhabi National Rehabilitation Center and ISAP to Collaborate on Substance Abuse Research, Training, and Technical Assistance (Page 2)
    • Program Offering Re-entry Services for Female Ex-offenders Shows Promising Results (Page 3)
    • UCLA Chancellor Visits with ISAP Collaborators and Visiting Medical Students in Hanoi (Page 3)
    • ISAP Applies for Third 5-Year Renewal of NIDA Clinical Trials Network Grant (Page 4)
    • ISAP to Conduct Evaluation of CLARE Foundation Bridges to Recovery, Hope, and Home Project (Page 5)
    • ISAP Welcomes Four New Addiction Health Services Research Trainees (Page 6)
      Recent UCLA ISAP Publications (Page 7)

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2014 ISAP News Newsletters

  • July 2014
    • ISAP to Host Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Trainings in Six California Counties (Page 1)
    • First National Survey of Substance Use in Iraq, Which Began in February, Is Now on Hold (Page 2)
    • Evidence-Based Practices Are Not Always Effective: The Case of Vouchers with Parolees (Page 3)
    • ISAP Tests Use of Smartphones to Improve Treatment Outcomes for Opioid Users (Page 4)
    • An Evaluation of the Use of Extended-Release Naltrexone with Drug Court Participants (Page 5)
    • Study Updates from the Pacific Region Node of the NIDA Clinical Trials Network (CTN) (Page 6)
    • Recent UCLA ISAP Publications (Page 7)
  • January 2014 (with corrected wording in Page 1 figure as of Feb. 10, 2014)
    • Treating, Rather Than Incarcerating, Nonviolent Drug Offenders Saves Money (Page 1)
    • Update on the Pacific Region Node of the NIDA Clinical Trials Network (Page 2)
    • More than 750 Attend 10th Statewide Integrated Care Conference (Page 3)
    • ISAP Evaluates Access to Substance Abuse Services for High Risk Parents and Caregivers (Page 4)
    • Long-term Residential Treatment Versus Intensive Outpatient Prison-based Treatment (Page 5)
    • ISAP Provides Telepsychiatry Services Through the Antelope Valley Rehabilitation Center (Page 6)
    • Recent UCLA ISAP Publications (Page 7)

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2013 ISAP News Newsletters

  • August 2013

    • 365 Attend Conference to Promote Global health in Taipei (Page 1)
    • Regional Dissemination Workshop Draws 80 Attendees from 30 Programs in Southern California (Page 2)
    • Intern from the Netherlands Studies ISAP Addiction and Exercise Project (Page 2)
    • PSATTC Hosts Pacific Jurisdictions Workforce Development Initiative (PJWDI) Conference (Page 3)
    • ISAP Assists LA County to Develop and Implement Performance Measures for Treatment Providers (Page 4)
    • ISAP Evaluates Innovative Treatment Program for Offenders with Co-occurring Disorders (Page 5)
    • ISAP Hosts UN Treatnet Trainer from Spain as Visiting Scholar (Page 5)
    • New Study Will Evaluate Outcomes of SBIRT for Adults with Co-occurring Disorders (Page 6)
    • Recent UCLA ISAP Publications (Page 7)

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2012 ISAP News Newsletters

  • October 2012

    • ISAP’s Iraq Drug Demand Reduction Initiative Provides  Clinical Trainings for Iraqi Health Professionals in Cairo, Egypt (Page 1)
    • Iraq Holds First Community Epidemiology Meeting on Nature/Extent of Substance Use in the Country (Page 2)
    • ISAP INVEST Fellow Translates NIDA Publications into Farsi (Page 2)
    • Vietnamese Master Trainers Visit ISAP for Continuing Trainings in Drug Abuse Treatment (Page 3)
    • Fellow from Iran to Study HIV and Drug Use in Isfahan, Iran (Page 3)
    • Current Activities of ISAP Pre- and Postdoctoral Trainees (Page 4)
    • ISAP Researchers to Study a Novel Application of SBIRT with Offenders (Page 5)
    • Pretest of Drum-Assisted Recovery Therapy for Native Americans Project Shows Promising Results (Page 6)
    • Recent UCLA ISAP Publications (Page 7)
  • February 2012
    • SAMHSA Awards Grants to ISAP for Substance Abuse Services in Iraq, HIV-Addiction Technology Transfer Center in Vietnam
      (Page 1)
    • An Experimental Comparison of Telepsychiatry, Conventional Psychiatry for Mentally Ill Parolees (Page 2)
    • More Than 600 Attend California Co-Occurring Disorders Conference (Page 3)
    • Study Updates from the Pacific Region Node of the Clinical Trials Network (Page 4)
    • What Is Program Evaluation and What Can It Do for You? (Page 5)
    • The TRACK Program: An HIV-Disclosure Intervention for HIV-Positive Mothers (Page 6)
    • ISAP Hosts NIDA International INVEST Fellow from Iran (Page 6)
    • Recent UCLA ISAP Publications (Page 7)

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2011 ISAP News Newsletters

    • ISAP Provides Training On Co-Occurring Disorders to Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Staff (Page 1)
    • ISAP Study Examines Efficacy of Enhanced Substance Abuse Treatment for Women Offenders
      (Page 2)
    • UCLA ISAP and Kasr Al-Ainy Hospital Present Addiction Counselor Training Program in Egypt
      (Page 3)
    • NIDA INVEST/CTN Fellow Completes Year at ISAP (Page 3)
    • Arizona State University’s Motivational Interviewing Academy Comes to California (Page 4)
    • ISAP Evaluates Co-Occurring Disorders Court Project (Page 5)
    • Long-Term Outcomes of Treatment for Methamphetamine Abuse (Page 6)
    • Study on Treating Opioid Dependence with Buprenorphine Implant Receives Wide Media Coverage (Page 1)
    • ISAP Launches Implementation Study to Improve Assessment, Case Planning Processes in Prisons (Page 2)
    • CURB Study to Test Buprenorphine as a Treatment for Reducing Cocaine Use (Page 3)
    • ISAP Welcomes Visiting Scholars from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Iraq (Page 4)
    • ISAP Hosts NIDA INVEST/CTN Fellows from Australia and Brazil (Page 5)
    • ISAP to Evaluate SAMHSA-Funded Treatment Project for Homeless with Co-occurring Disorders (Page 6)
    • Recent UCLA ISAP Publications (Page 7)

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2010 ISAP News Newsletters

    • 5th Sino-American Training on Substance Abuse Treatment (Page 1)
    • ISAP Tests Methadone Maintenance Treatment Interventions in China (Page 1)
    • ISAP Provides Training on Substance Abuse Treatment in Malé, Maldives (Page 2)
    • The Clinical Trials Network Celebrates 10 Years of Improving Addiction Treatment (Page 3)
    • ISAP Collaborations with Washington State Test Prison-Based Substance Abuse Interventions
      (Page 4)
    • ISAP Evaluates SBIRT Services for Short-Term Detainees in Los Angeles County and City Jails
      (Page 5)
    • Recent UCLA ISAP Publications (Page 6)
    • Understanding the Generational Cycle of Substance Abuse (Page 7)

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2009 ISAP News Newsletters

    • Mechanisms of Action in Alcoholism Treatment (Page 1)
    • Treatment Providers Improve Client Engagement and Retention with NIATx (Page 2)
    • START Study of Opioid-Dependence Therapies Completes Recruitment, Retention Study Begins (Page 3)
    • New Studies and Findings on Prison-Based Treatment for Substance-Abusing Offenders (Page 4)
    • SAMHSA-Funded ISAP Projects Foster New Collaborations Among Los Angeles County Agencies (Page 5)
    • Recent UCLA ISAP Publications (Page 6)
    • ISAP Provided Statewide Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral (SBIRT) Trainings to Primary Care Staff (Page 7)

    • Disaster Planning for Methadone Treatment Programs (Page 1)
    • ISAP Provides COD Trainings for Orange County Mental Health Providers (Page 2)
    • Trial of Opioid-Dependence Therapies Reaches Recruitment Milestone but Faces Retention Differential (Page 3)
    • ISAP Awarded Grant to Study Implementation of Drug Treatment in the Criminal Justice System (Page 4)
    • ISAP Offers Advanced, Efficient, and Secure Data Capture and Management Services for Programs (Page 5)
    • Recent UCLA ISAP Publications (Page 6)
    • L.A. County Pilot Project Uses Performance-Based Measures to Improve Treatment Services, Outcomes (Page 7)

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2008 ISAP News Newsletters:

  • December 2008

    • Meth Inside Out: A New Video-Based Curriculum (Page 1)
    • ISAP and Matrix Institute on Addictions Conduct Treatment Trainings in Vietnam (Page 2)
    • STAGE 12 Project to Test 12-Step Program Participation for Stimulant and Other Drug Users (Page 3)
    • Methamphetamine Use and HIV Risk in Offender Populations (Page 4)
    • ISAP to Evaluate Women Offenders Program, L.A. County Screening/Brief Intervention Project (Page 5)
    • Recent UCLA ISAP Publications (Page 6)
    • L.A. County Treatment Providers Celebrate Their Success in Improving Client Engagement/Retention (Page 7)
  • June 2008

    • Health Risk Reduction Projects Study Will Follow Children with HIV+ Mothers into Early Adolescence/Young Adulthood
      (Page 1)
    • ISAP Releases 2008 Report on Latest Findings from Evaluation of California’s Proposition 36 (Page 2)
    • Updates on CTN Pacific Region Node Projects (Page 3)
    • Study Aims to Increase Aftercare for Parolees Who Received In-Prison Substance Abuse Treatment (Page 4)
    • UCLA ISAP Offers Comprehensive Evaluation Services
      (Page 5)
    • Selected UCLA ISAP Publications (Page 6)
    • Experts on Performance and Outcome Measurement Give Advice on Improving Treatment in California (Page 7)

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2007 ISAP News newsletters:

  • December 2007
    • UCLA Program Screens Students for Substance Use (Page 1)
    • Notable New Funding for ISAP Work (Page 2)
    • ISAP’s Outpatient Clinical Research Center Tests Treatments for Prescription Opioid Users (Page 3)
    • ISAP Investigator Joins State ‘Strike Team’ Charged with Improving Offender Rehabilitation (Page 4)
    • ISAP to Host Iraqi Team as Part of ‘Iraq Training Initiative’ (Page 4)
    • ISAP Expands Evaluation Efforts (Page 5)
    • Selected ISAP Publications (Page 6)
  • June 2007
    • ISAP conducts needs assessment study on growing issue of problem gambling in California (Page 1)
    • California trainings focus on how to increase clients’ motivation to change (Page 2)
    • ISAP 25-year follow-up study of heroin users focuses on women as well as men (Page 3)
    • ISAP researchers contribute to national survey on treatment for offenders (Page 4)
    • Methamphetamine abuse: Symptoms and treatment (Page 5)
    • Selected ISAP publications (Page 6)
    • Recruitment rises in project studying safety of buprenorphine for opioid dependence (Page 7)

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2006 ISAP News newsletters:

  • December 2006
    • ISAP initiates training program for UN Global Network of Drug Abuse Treatment Centers (Page 1)
    • A fond farewell and best wishes to Beth Rutkowski, ISAP Associate Director of Training (Page 2)
    • Studies on buprenorphine for opioid dependence, brief family therapy, safer sex continue (Page 3)
    • Residential vs. intensive outpatient prison-based treatment (Page 4)
    • Methamphetamine treatment admissions rise in Los Angeles County (Page 5)
    • Selected ISAP publications (Page 6)
    • Women, methamphetamine, and sex (Page 7)
  • June 2006
    • Proposition 36 saves taxpayers money (Page 1)
    • Study examining the effects of buprenorphine and methadone on liver function begins in Washington (Page 2)
    • In Memoriam: Douglas Y. Longshore, ISAP Associate Director (Page 3)
    • Web resources for tracking offenders for follow-up interviews (Page 4)
    • Site reports provide outcome data from LA County treatment providers (Page 5)
    • Selected ISAP publications (Page 6)
    • ISAP to lead UN global capacity building effort in substance abuse treatment (Page 7)

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2005 ISAP News newsletters:

  • December 2005
    • NIDA-funded Center for Advancing Longitudinal Drug Abuse Research (CALDAR) to serve as national resource (Page 1)
    • ISAP director to lead study comparing effects of buprenorphine vs. methadone on the liver (Page 2)
    • PSAATC to address meth, treatment wait time, infectious diseases in 2006 (Page 3)
    • ISAP’s Project BRITE to assess behavioral reinforcement in prison-based treatment (Page 4)
    • LACES adds clinical narrative report, quarterly site report to evaluation (Page 5)
    • Selected ISAP publications (Page 6)
    • UCLA promotes peace by convening nations to address common foe: drug addiction (Page 7)
  • September 2005
    • 2nd Annual Western Conference on Addictions: Improving Treatment with Scientific Knowledge (Page 1)
    • ISAP awarded 5-year renewal to operate Pacific Region Node of Clinical Trials Network (Page 2)
    • ISAP’s predoctoral/postdoctoral training program begins 15th year (Page 3)
    • ISAP to study children exposed to the manufacture and use of methamphetamine (Page 4)
    • Access to Care project to address substance abuse among UCLA students (Page 5)
    • Selected ISAP publications (Page 6)
    • Project Flow to track drug-facilitated sexual transmission of HIV, other STIs (Page 7)
    • ISAP Associate Director M. Douglas Anglin ranks in top 2% of NIH grant awardees for amount of funds received (Page 8)
    • National Institute of Justice Journal features Forever Free program (Page 8)
  • June 2005
    • The state of methamphetamine research (Page 1)
    • ISAP’s Jeffrey Annon to chair NIDA subcommittee on data management, analysis (Page 2)
    • PSATTC surveys Southwest substance abuse treatment staff (Page 3)
    • ISAP and partners to develop, test aftercare placement tool for inmates (Page 4)
    • A profile of Desirée Crèvecoeur, Project Director of LACES (Page 5)
    • Selected ISAP publications (Page 6)
    • UCLA Addiction Clinic offers training, information on substance abuse (Page 7)
  • March 2005
    • Developing new treatments for drug abuse (Page 1)
    • New NIDA-CTN study to address growing dependence on prescription analgesics (Page 2)
    • A profile of Beth Finnerty, ISAP Associate Director of Training (Page 3)
    • Improving the transition from prison to community life and treatment engagement (Page 4)
    • 2005 ADPA Lecture Series focuses on meth, Prop. 36, prevention, youth (Page 5)
    • Selected ISAP Publications (Page 6)
    • ISAP Data Management Center offers the latest in data collection technologies (Page 7)

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2004 ISAP News newsletters:

  • December 2004
    • Buprenorphine research: Where are we today? (Page 1)
    • ISAP submits proposal to continue as CTN Pacific Node Research & Training Center (Page 2)
    • NIDA’s Blending Initiative promotes buprenorphine as opiate treatment (Page 3)
    • Special issue of Prison Journal presents treatment outcomes in CA prisons (Page 4)
    • Does treatment work for alcohol and drug abuse/dependence? (Page 5)
    • Selected ISAP publications (Page 6)
    • ISAP evaluates efforts of five CA counties to retain Prop. 36 clients (Page 7)
  • September 2004
    • Western Conference on Addictions: Best Practices in Treatment and Community Interventions
    • Study explores handling of sexually transmitted infections by substance abuse treatment programs (Page 2)
    • Western Conference on Addictions convenes Nov. 11-14 in Universal City
    • LAPIC comes to a close: Looking back and looking forward (Page 4)
    • LACES begins Phase II of evaluation of LA County treatment providers (Page 5)
    • Selected ISAP publications (Page 6)
    • Brain imaging studies reveal damage from methamphetamine abuse (Page 7)
    • California Addiction Training and Education Series (CATES): engagement and retention (Page 8)
  • June 2004
    • ISAP researchers pursue unique angle on HIV research (Page 1)
    • Community treatment programs wanted to participate in the NIDA Clinical Trials Network (Page 2)
    • Upcoming conferences to present latest research and clinical tools (Page 3)
    • Church volunteers use Matrix Model tools in early phase of recovery work (Page 4)
    • LA County treatment centers show promising short-term outcomes (Page 5)
    • Selected ISAP publications (Page 6)
    • Using meta-analysis to assess substance abuse treatment (Page 7)
  • February 2004
    • ISAP helps the media change views on substance abuse
    • Bay Area Addiction Research and Treatment, Inc., joins the Clinical Trials Network (Page 2)
    • PSATTC offers best practices training across Southwest region (Page 3)
    • ISAP and California Area Indian Health Service to screen American Indians (Page 4)
    • LACES report shows promising results of alcohol, drug treatment (Page 5)
    • Selected ISAP publications (Page 6)
    • Helping substance-abusing women parolees reintegrate into the community (Page 7)

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2003 ISAP News newsletters:

  • November 2003
    • ISAP publishes first-year evaluation of Prop. 36 (Page 1)
    • ISAP compares outpatient retention in trials of buprenorphine and clonidine for heroin addiction (Page 2)
    • Introducing the PSATTC directors (Page 3)
    • Lecture series helps keep LA substance abuse field up to date (Page 4)
    • LA Info provides county and national substance abuse trends (Page 5)
    • Selected ISAP publications (Page 6)
    • ISAP responds to methamphetamine epidemic with diverse research program (Page 7)
  • August 2003
    • ISAP-led Pacific Coast Research Center to test integrated treatment models for offenders, parolees (Page 1)
    • CTN to test smoking cessation protocol (Page 2)
    • Conference on co-occurring disorders attracts 800 attendees (page 3)
    • LAPIC initiates service exchange project in South Los Angeles (Page 4)
    • Lessons learned from the LACES countywide evaluation (Page 5)
    • Selected ISAP publications (Page 6)
    • ISAP offers research staff trainings, pre- and postdoctoral fellowships (Page 7)
  • May 2003
    • Welcome to the ISAP News (Page 1)
    • Testing treatments in ‘real world’ sites (Page 2)
    • Fostering best practices, knowledge sharing, training (Page 3)
    • Integrating science and service to improve treatment (Page 4)
    • Evaluating treatment services and modalities in LA County (Page 5)
    • Selected ISAP publications (Page 6)
    • ISAP’s international efforts (Page 7)
    • Substance abuse trends in California (Page 8)

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