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2011 - 8th Statewide Conference on Co-Occurring Disorders (COD)

Day 1 - October 26, 2011

Morning Plenary:

Healthcare Reform and Integrated Care
Mady Chalk, Ph.D.

Workshops: Session I

  1. Navigating Primary Care and Finding Common Language: Medical Problems Associated with Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders
    Thomas Freese, Ph.D.
  2. Integrating Mental Health Evidence Based Practices with Substance Abuse Treatment
    for Children

    LaTonya Wood, Ph.D., Don Hashima, Mayra Mendez, Ph.D.
  3. The Art of Culture Change: Creating a Recovery Centered Culture at your Agency
    Program Culture Institute Brochure and RCCS CoOcc Handout Booklet
    Steven Wilson, M.D., David Heffron, B.A.
  4. From Cuffs to Community: Public Safety Realignment Implementation in LA County
    Mark Delgado, B.A., Roderick Shaner, M.D., John Viernes Jr., M.ED.
  5. Promoting Recovery through Effective Tobacco Cessation Interventions
    Chad Morris, Ph.D.
  6. Integration of Primary and Behavioral Health Care: What Physicians Need to Know
    David Pating, M.D.

Afternoon Plenary:

Integration of Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders into Primary Care: Models of Co‐Located and Integrated Services
Lily Alvarez, Stephen Kaplan, LSCW

Workshops: Session II

  1. Overcoming Obstacles to Successfully Implement Medication Assisted Treatment
    Ken Bachrach, Ph.D.
  2. Co-Occurring Trauma and Substance Use Disorders: Treatment Strategies for Working with Women, Veterans, and other Special Populations
    Alison Hamilton, Ph.D.
  3. Recovery, Health, and the Role of Peer Support: An Integrated Approach
    Moderators: Kalene Gilbert, LCSW, Scott Hanada, LCSW
  4. Treatment of Individuals with COD Involved in the Criminal Justice System
    Thomas Granucci, LCSW, United States Probation Office
  5. Transforming Supervision: Skills and Competencies for Integrated Workplaces
    Carol Falender, Ph.D.
  6. Co-Occurring Joint Action Council (COJAC): One Person, One Team, One Plan for Recovery
    Adolescent Guidelines - Final Handout
    Youth Comm Statement of Necessity
    Panel: Debbie Reno‐Smith, MFT, Jim O’Connell, Madelyn Schlaepfer, Ph.D.


Day 2 - October 27, 2011

Workshops: Session III

  1. Strategies for Incorporating Substance Use Treatment into Mental Health Evidence Based Practices
    Thomas E. Freese, Ph.D., Todd Sosna, Ph.D., Animated Consulting
  2. Healthy Aging: Clinical Tools for Treating Older Adults with COD
    Sherry Larkins, Ph.D., Mitchell Karno, Ph.D.
  3. (coming soon) Engaging and Treating Transition Age Youth with COD
    Panel: Tori Palliccia, MFT, Jennifer Maldonado, LCSW, Melba Hernandez, MSW
  4. Trauma Focused Clinical Supervision and Workforce Development
    Brenda Wiewel, LCSW, Toni Mosley, MS

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