CA Consumer Perception Survey (CPS) - Mental Health (MHSIP)

CPS Spring 2021 – Survey Collection Period

June 21-25, 2021

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CPS Spring 2021 Training Webinar is scheduled for Tuesday May 25, 2021, 10AM-11:30AM (PT)
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Session will be recorded. See flyer for details.
It is important for all counties to attend.
Data Collection Materials, including instructions and each of the CPS forms will be available for download by Monday May 17, 2021

About the MH-Consumer Perception Survey

CA Dept of Health Care Services (CA-DHCS) utilizes the Mental Health Statistics Improvement Project (MHSIP) survey tool to collect Consumer Perception Survey (CPS) data from patients receiving mental health services from publicly funded mental health programs in California. In 2021, UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (ISAP) began coordinating data collection for DHCS, under the leadership of Vandana Joshi, Ph.D (

Data may be collected in two ways:

  1. Counties can have consumers and family members of youth submit data directly to UCLA through an ONLINE survey tool, provided by UCLA.
  2. Counties can disseminate and collect data via PAPER survey forms, provided by UCLA.

Online and paper surveys are available in all twelve-threshold languages.

Forms are available for Adults, Older Adults, Youth (YSS), and Family/Parents of Youth (YSS-F)

Adult and Older Adult forms are available with or without Quality of Life survey items and counties may choose to use either type of form.

Online survey links will be made available prior to the survey data collection period and will only be active during the data collection period. Responses entered into the online survey are confidential and sent directly to the UCLA project team.

Data collected on paper forms can be mailed directly to UCLA-ISAP for scanning. Counties mailing paper-forms to UCLA must do so in a timely, careful, and confidential manner. Completed forms must be received by UCLA no later than July 14, 2021. Surveys should be mailed ONLY via Federal Express.

Please notify UCLA staff if you plan to scan your own paper forms or collect data via your own online survey and upload the data files to a HIPAA compliant UCLA Box folder. Counties scanning their own paper survey forms or collecting data via a non-UCLA online survey must submit the data in the format specified in the codebook.

Check back soon for more information. If you have any questions or need technical assistance regarding the CPS Data Collection process, submit a technical assistance request here or contact the following staff at UCLA:

Vandana Joshi, Program Director

Marylou Gilbert, Program Coordinator

Training Information & Instructions (coming soon)